Nick at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I hate heights - not going back up there again.

About Nick

Hi. I'm Nick; an experienced content editor, producer and designer, living and working in London.

Degree from De Montfort University - Media Production (BSc) in 2006.

Created digital content at Sky Sports since 2006 covering a range of high profile events.

Fantastic experience managing and creating cross-platform multimedia content.

Strong graphic design skills and awareness of UX and UI principles.


As you'd expect from someone who's worked at Sky Sports for so long, I have a love of sports of all kinds - but especially football and Stoke City.

I am also interested in design and architecture, comedy, and transportation. I keep a running ranking of metro systems in my head (the Prague Metro is currently leading).

I love buying and reading magazines. A recent favourite would be Offscreen. More like this in Recommendations.


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